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Managed Pi

We have a full port of our Chef client for Raspberry Pi and configure and manage applications on the Pi in exactly the same way we do for all of our Enterprise offerings.

We also system monitor Raspberry Pi with our Zenoss/SNMP infrastructure the same way we do for all of our Enterprise offerings.

BastionLinux/Raspberry Pi

by Alan Milligan last modified Jan 21, 2014 04:37 AM

ARM/Raspberry Pi on BastionLinux

Asterisk with BastionLinux

BastionLinux™ is now ported to the ARM-based Raspberry Pi!  We're very excited about deploying on this powerful little embedded device and we'll be rolling out more of our stack compiled against this architecture over the coming weeks.  But right from the get-go we've already got our Opscode/Chef orchestration and configuration running on the Pi, and we're monitoring Pi server's with our Zenoss/SNMP infrastructure.


Putting BastionLinux™ on Pi is exactly the same as on other platforms.  Simply configure your yum to point to our BastionLinux channel(s) to download armv6hl packages. 

The BastionLinux™ Raspberry Pi flash image is available here.  Simply unpack it:

gunzip bastionlinux-13.img.gz


Then mount your SD-card and copy it (assuring the correct SD device for your system:

dd if=bastionlinux-13.img of=/dev/sdc


Then you should be ready to fire up your Pi!


We already have a range of unique products and services for the Pi (you can also deploy these on your BastionLinux™ desktop) and more announcements will be made soon.  These include:

  • bitcoin wallet
  • Asterisk PBX
  • Multimedia Player/Streaming Server
  • Wifi products


  • Configuring

    Our Chef/Raspberry Pi recipes

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring the Raspberry Pi

  • Procuring

    Accessing and installing BastionLinux/RPi Software

  • Running

    System administration and management of your BastionLinux system