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Our BastionLinux/Managed™ plan is very simple: we command and control your server(s) with our internal enterprise infrastructure.

Network Operations Centre

Our staff monitor your systems and applications 25/7 with our Zenoss-based operations centre.

System Administration

Our staff configure and manage your systems reliably, repeatably, consistently with our Chef configuration infrastructure.

Releases, Patches, Upgrades

Through the governance and extreme testing of our package management, all of integrated software on your systems is properly curated and managed.


In order for us to offer BastionLinux/Managed™ we need some facilitation from you:

  • You must be subscribed to all the relevant BastionLinux™ software channels
  • You must ensure remote port access and server(s) be controlled by our OpsCode/Chef
  • You must ensure remote port access and server(s) be monitored by our Zenoss/NOC

If you have scale and/or would prefer support in your private cloud, we absolutely offer these solutions to you commercially and can assist in a full migration to your own infrastructure.


We will consider subscription and volume discounts if you think you qualify.

Do contact us via our helpdesk for enquiries and sales.